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by Steve hologa on

So very easy to install, i got a bad cable and within 3 days got a new one and worked perfect. Customer service was great. I highly recommend this. So very happy with this purchase.

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You can add an Aux Input to your BMW! We believe that everyone should be free to listen to whatever they want – no more burnt CDs or cassette adapters. Our aux input kit works great for BMWs approximately 1997-2005, especially pre-2003 radios. You simply connect a cable to your factory radio and install a tiny module – Quidzel will be here to guide you as you start enjoying your music again!

Pre 2003 BMW Aux Input kit

The simplest way to get an aux input for your older stereo. (Includes emulator and radio cable)

Need a 3.5mm aux cable?

Aux Input for 2003+ e46 models

Only cable is needed for ‘aux capable’ head units (~9/2002+)


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Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 1 year warrantee, and we offer no hassle returns within 30 days.

Quidzel’s aux input kit works great with
1999-2005 e46 3 series (no navigation)
1997-2003 e39 5 series (no navigation; no DSP before 2002)
1999-2006 e53 x5 (no navigation; no DSP before 2002)
Please check with us regarding compatibility for other models that use I-Bus like Mini Cooper, etc.

  • Plan on 1/2 hour install on an e46.
  • Aux In Kit

    • Aux Input Cable is 1m long, allowing for installation on lower dash or glovebox area.
    • Drill 1/4″ hole and install, leaving a clean finish, or leave exposed with no drilling required. Here’s mine installed in the sunglasses cubby under the climate controls.

      Plugging 3.5mm in

    • Terminated in a 3.5mm female panel mount jack and connects to the back of your stereo.

      Female 3.5mm

    • Install connector white line UP to back of head unit marked RED. For 2003+ e46 aux cable, install connector white line DOWN to back of head unit marked ORANGE.

      17 pin connector40 pin connector
      Connector to back of head unit

    • Small module interfaces with the Radio to select CD changer input. For those who just want the module, here’s a button for buying just the CD changer emulator – $39.99

      iBus Interface module

    • Our aux input replaces your CD changer, if so equipped. Make sure that your CD changer wiring color and order match exactly to the following image, with the module’s silver stripe lined up with the brown wire. Plugging into the similar phone connector with different wiring order/polarity can damage the module!

      3 pin connector with wire color/order

    • (Note: please view the install video above to understand the installation. If this appears complex, seek the help of a professional car audio installer near you, who should be able to install this easily.)
    • Our pre-2003 aux input solution also works great for post-2003 cars that have had trouble with the factory aux input disconnecting. Our aux input will not disconnect whether you use a bluetooth dongle, a charger (use a ground loop isolator to minimize noise)

    Quidzel backs up our audio integration products with great customer service. Please contact us at

    What’s in the pre-2003 aux input kit?

    • CD changer emulator module in instruction card
    • 1m input cable

    Blog : Back into an i3

    I gave my e46 away about 3 years ago, and have been driving an i3 since then, a funky little BMW electric. About 4 months ago, my cheap lease was up, and it went back to BMW. I shared my wife’s car for about 3 months, until she couldn’t stand it and told me to get another car. I’ve pretty much committed to driving an EV, so my options were pretty limited given our budget. I tried a used Nissan Leaf, which I couldn’t get very excited about, thought heavily about the Chevy Bolt EV, which was hard to get a good deal in IL. Well, I’ve been driving BMWs exclusively for a little over a decade, so I’m back in an i3 – this time a fully loaded 2014 that I bought used for a great price.
    I’ve been interested in autonomous vehicles over the last 3-4 years as the technology started catching up with the promises. In the fully loaded BMWs, there’s actually a lot of autonomous driver assistance systems for a 2014 car, and I followed the efforts of others trying to enable the Traffic Jam Assistant (TJA) functions. On the X5 forums, several F15 X5 drivers bought the capacitive steering wheel and associated electronics to retrofit their X5s, and were successful. I realized that the LIN bus communication was the missing piece to enable TJA.
    So I’ve been sitting with an O-Scope and serial capture interfaces the last month or so to characterize the LIN communication that the car is looking for to indicate an increase in capacitance at the steering wheel, and now have an emulator here that sends those messages such that the TJA functions can be tested before a full retrofit is attempted.