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Nothing slows down the projects we have going around here like newborn twins. My wife and I were blessed to welcome our twin boys last month, and since then, we’ve been on about a 3 hour eat-change-sleep rotation. Trying to

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More autocrossing

After doing BMW’s Ultimate Driving Experience about a month ago, I have done two autocross sessions with my 323i. The Windy City chapter of the BMWCCA puts on a well organized auto-x season in the Chicagoland area. This has proven

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BMW Ultimate Drive Experience

BMW has some pretty nifty programs as part of their marketing effort, including giving away track experiences. Today I went to the Chicago area event, and got to drive an i3 (actually this is really quick off the line), a

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Production Schedules

During the startup phase, we tend to do our business production schedules serially. A lot of our activities can take a whole day, so we try to estimate when certain parts are running low, and then schedule a day to

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All feedback is good feedback

We received a lot of great feedback from our first few customers when we first launched the aux input. Our customers were amazing, sharing their experiences with others, and we received a lot of thanks and positive feedback. The positive

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Marketing 101

Over the last three months or so, it has been an exciting time as we’ve been shipping aux inputs and getting your comments and feedback. Starting from zero sales in March, we’ve grown through organic referrals from satisfied customers, and

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Audio Ground Loop Noise

A common hassle for mobile audio is induced noise. When audio grounds and power grounds are combined, there is a potential for noise to be injected into the signal. Several customers have noticed a noise issue, especially while their audio

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Panelizing PCB Stencils

Last year I learned how to build PCBs, and I sweated when I first released my first board (a prototype bluetooth adapter) to production. After spending quite a few sleepless nights inspecting every signal and the routing, I finally had

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Product Development

Over the last couple years, I’ve been working in my garage putting together gadgets that would play with my car. About a year ago, I had kind of an ‘aha’ moment, when an interface I had designed in hardware and

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Follow your dreams. We need the great things that only you can create!

There’s only so much time you can put off following your dreams and passions. For me, that was about 10 years. Since college, I’ve worked in the aerospace sector, and I would say I’ve had a successful and enjoyable career

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