Bluetooth October Update

Hey Everyone! We’ve gotten so many messages asking about our bluetooth kit, and I want to personally apologize that we’ve been so delayed on getting that back in stock. Earlier this year, we started selling a streaming audio Bluetooth module for e46 that was working pretty well, but we did have several issues with it. On some installs, we had some ground loop noise on the audio lines (Bad!), and of course, we felt that we were missing the basic phone feature expected of a bluetooth application. We planned for a redesign of the board to include a new amplifier circuit that would help eliminate any noise issues, and of course a functional microphone circuit. The goal has been to have a GREAT bluetooth adapter and nothing more – we didn’t feel super motivated to try to be the jack of all trades with USB/iPod/etc, we just wanted great and simple bluetooth.

Well, that was about 6 months ago. We moved our offices and shop, ran out of existing streaming only stock, and were busy with a contract consulting project which has really been eating up our staff’s time. I’m personally going to be pushing this project more, because I’m convinced that this is really needed. I’m so sorry that we’ve had to make you wait, when I’m so excited to be sharing our module with you.

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2 comments on “Bluetooth October Update
  1. ralf says:

    This is good news! I hope the wait is not long.

    What are the features of your bluetooth module?

    As a suggestion, here is my wishlist:

    A bluetooth module that plugs in the cd changer cables in the trunk and the car microphone harness on the white ses plug.

    For the music streaming:
    Be able to stream music from the phone (ad2p)
    Be able to change tracks using the radio or steering wheel buttons (avrcp)
    Be able to display artist /song info on the display
    Be able to select 5 playlists using the stereo buttons (like a cd changer) and 6 for misc streaming.
    Music pause when car is off and auto-resume when car is turned on.

    On the phone side: (HFP)
    functionality like the parrot CK3000 module:

    use steering wheel buttons for volume, answer and end calls, select private mode and summon siri. Select names from the contact list if possible.
    Use the stock car microphone
    Have the best possible audio quality and microphone noise reduction.

    A good feature of parrot ck3000 is that you can use the phone even with the radio off.

    I think that´s all, everything else like adding usb, additional aux, etc. it´s just making things unnecessary complicated.

    Greetings and keep us updated!

  2. computiNATEor says:

    I’m very glad to see that you guys are still active! Very excited for this product in my e39. The elegance and simplicity that this module is looking to provide is extremely attractive to me.

    Also, if your website included a Disqus commenting system rather than the WordPress registration, it would be easier to comment, as Disqus manages an internet wide system that I find very easy to use. More people are likely to have a Disqus account. Thanks!