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Back into an i3

I gave my e46 away about 3 years ago, and have been driving an i3 since then, a funky little BMW electric. About 4 months ago, my cheap lease was up, and it went back to BMW. I shared my

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As some of you might guess, Quidzel is my side gig. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE doing this. I love doing production, debug, development, but most of all, I LOVE getting to talk with customers. Most of the time, there’s

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Leasing a new car

I want to share how you can drive a brand new car for less than $100/mo. Two years ago I was eager to buy my first brand new BMW after years of driving e39s and e46s. I had my eyes

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For the past 10 years or so, I have been playing around with drones. I have to say this habit started much earlier when as a 5 year old, my dad and I build balsa wood & tissue rubber band

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I don’t often share personal details here, but I figured as long as people are coming here, whether to buy an aux input kit for their BMW or to check on the bluetooth module status, I’ll give some personal background.

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DSP availability

We have sent out a prototype DSP bluetooth adapter to a customer right now, and we are excited about the possibility of releasing a DSP capable adapter in the next couple weeks. For those of you with e39, e38, and

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Bluetooth October Update

Hey Everyone! We’ve gotten so many messages asking about our bluetooth kit, and I want to personally apologize that we’ve been so delayed on getting that back in stock. Earlier this year, we started selling a streaming audio Bluetooth module

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As several of you are aware, we are developing new Bluetooth hardware to add a functional microphone circuit, DSP capability, and an isolating amplifier to cut ground loop noise in the audio ground. We thought that the old board’s mic

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BMW’s DSP system has thrown a wrench into many upgrade plans. While state of the art, perhaps for the time it was introduced, it complicated the aftermarket because instead of easy analog inputs on the CD changer connections, we have

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What a great March!

Thanks to all of you, March 2015 turned out to be our best month yet as we shipped to more people than ever before! We are super excited about how many people we’ve been able to serve with our aux

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