Drive your car to 300K miles

Today I was driving my mother-in-law’s car home from seeing my niece. It has seen its share of Chicago winters and probably hasn’t been maintained the best, so after 12 years or so, this Honda Civic is nearly ready to be retired. Yet this Honda has less than half the miles of my trusty ’99 323i with 284K on it. Now I’ve been very interested in getting a newer car myself, but I find when I take proper care of, and especially when I clean my car, my affections for this old car grow, and the sparkle of a new car slightly fades.
According to, the average age of the cars on the road today in America is over 11 years old. We can thank better engineering and manufacturing processes that are keeping our cars going for longer. The truth I’ve found for myself is that by taking proper care of your car, and especially taking the time to keep it clean, you’ll truly enjoy driving your older car even longer. The history you’ve developed washing the car, and doing proper maintenance and repairs, will give you a warm feeling as the miles continue to roll under your wheels. Get out there and wash your car people! It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying a new car!
Just yesterday, I finally spent some quality time with my car, replacing a leaky valve cover, squeaky idler pulley, and the power steering fluid reservior/filter. I also noticed that my sway bar end links have seen better days, and may be contributing to a clunk over bumps. I also replaced the VANOS piston seals, and while they seemed hardened with age, I didn’t notice any performance improvement as some others have seen.

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    I just want to give a shout out to for all the great parts they’ve sent me for my BMWs for the last 8 years or so. They’ve always had great prices and service, and when I’ve had problems, they always have taken care of it. There are so many companies out there that have cut rate prices, but next to zero customer service. In my experience, I would rather have a great company like this one helping me out than to save a bit of money.