What a great March!

Thanks to all of you, March 2015 turned out to be our best month yet as we shipped to more people than ever before! We are super excited about how many people we’ve been able to serve with our aux input kit. Our aux input kit is the simplest and cheapest way to get your phone connected to your pre 2003 radio, and if you’ve purchased our aux, please submit your review here. We also saw great interest in our bluetooth module, and we are excited to finally share what was our original dream (great Bluetooth integration). I believe that as we continue to develop this product, it is going to really serve a lot of people. I don’t really care about USB, and hardwired iPod integration is so 2009. But Bluetooth is such a requirement for cars these days, as all of our music is in our pocket and can stay there with great Bluetooth integration.
So thanks again for allowing us to serve you! I hope your April is great, and I’m thinking ours will be too!

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