Website Updates

We’ve been using the same basic Responsive theme for our website for a while, but we are working on adding WooCommerce to the website. WooCommerce will help us show off some cool additions for your car a little bit better, including slick galleries for our two products, automatic review forms, etc. We’ve been shipping the audio only Bluetooth adapter for a couple months and have heard back that these are working well for you. We are continuing to work on the microphone so that we can add bluetooth calling as that is a pretty key feature. We’ve got good volume now, and we are working on some noise issues we have with the current setup. It might be good enough for others, but we are really trying to nail this down, as the most annoying thing is poor call quality for whoever you are on the phone with. Our vision is to have great call quality while on the freeway at 80 MPH – both you and your party should be able to clearly communicate.

Anyways, please bear with the funky website for now. We promise that our products are better than the website, and we’ll always have the great customer service you’ve heard about from others. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! We’d love your suggestions on how we can improve our products, website, purchasing, etc. – basically anything you’d need integration related with your BMW. We have our own great ideas, but sometimes, someone else has a need or idea we never thought of.

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