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by Jim on

Would rate higher if I could. Love the look of the E39 dash and didn't want the aftermarket look. Having a radio built before 9/02, replacement radio was $225 and higher so I could have the aux input. In less than 10 minutes of an installation, problem solved. This is an amazing product and an incredible solution to this issue .

by Alek on

I've been using Quidzel's Pre 2003 Aux Input Kit for one year now without a single problem - an awesome product with straightforward installation instructions.

by Austin on

Was skeptical at first but after 15min it works flawlessly. It was super easy to install and now i dont have to worry about burning cd's!

by Shawn Heather on

I recantly purchased this to upgrade from the Dice equipment that was giving me feedback through the speakers.
This has no feedback and sounds great!
Easy to install and with a quality cord at the other end, has great sound quality!

Thanks for the great feedback! I know our aux kit is simper than the DICE - we only try to do one thing well, so I'm glad this is giving you that clean sound you need.

by Justin on

Installation was extremely easy, took about 10 min total including drilling the hole for the aux input. Instructions were simple and to the point. Unit works perfectly and actually shows "Aux" on the radio. I installed this in a 2001 530i.

by Jeremy S. on

I read many of the reviews on this product and I fine myself at a lost for words. I received my kit today and five minutes later it was up and running . Sounds great and works flawlessly. Thanks great product

by Logan on

Quizdel is a great product. The install process was simple and I am a very happy customer. 5 out of 5 !

by Mickaël on

Nice product and amazing support. I wasn't able to make it work on my own but the customer service was happy to help and at the end, it works as it should.
For the price it make wonders.

by John on

Got mine installed in my 2004 325i today. Just a couple tips. If you have a 2004 or later you just need to plug the cable in where Sam indicates. That's it! I made the mistake of watching the video and thinking there were more steps. Had to reconnect a cable that you do remove for the 2003 or earlier. My fault ...just not paying attention.'s all cool now. What an amazing deal for $14.95!

by Justin on

It works perfectly on my 2003 Bmw 325ci. Sound quality is extremely clear and crisp, and great customer service!! Would definitely recommend!

Thanks Justin! Glad we were able to get you going!

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