Nothing slows down the projects we have going around here like newborn twins. My wife and I were blessed to welcome our twin boys last month, and since then, we’ve been on about a 3 hour eat-change-sleep rotation. Trying to get productive work done has been certainly difficult, but we are getting going again on a project I’ve been really excited about with Bluetooth integration. I’ve been driving around doing pandora streaming while leaving my phone in my pocket. The nice thing about Pandora or another service like that is that I can break out of my typical music rut, and hear how the stereo and the bluetooth streaming handles different types of music. Lately I’ve been playing some more bass heavy electronic music, and I’m actually surprised and impressed how the 15 year old stock speakers and stereo handle it. It’s no glorious stereo, but all of a sudden, with a great audio source, it acquits itself.
Our next step is to finish some of the basic integration features like the microphone, SIRI, and then get some cables manufactured. We have the basic module done, but the cables will connect to the car’s existing wiring for easy integration. We aim to be a simple, effective solution to bluetooth audio. This is a basic requirement for a modern car, and I’v been amazed how many ads for economy cars highlight their bluetooth capabilities. By adding Quidzel’s bluetooth integration to your e46, you’ll be rocking these modern, necessary features, and can hold onto your car a little bit longer.

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